Welcome to The Real America


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Welcome to the Real America

The Rocky Mountain States of America – Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming – are the ultimate year round destination for Australians looking for an authentic Wild West adventure. Ski, snowboard, skate, sled and trek in the snow laden mountains come winter and mountain bike or hike those same hills under big blue skies come summer. Either way Aussies can expect spectacular wildlife, native American and cowboy culture steeped in history served up with extreme adventure or on a side plate with serene relaxation and pampering. From families to adventure-seekers and active retirees, these states offer a wealth of adventure, action, relaxation and authentic experiences in some of the world’s most pristine natural surroundings.

Spectacular national parks, awesome wildlife, authentic Native American and cowboy culture provide the backdrop for vacations and road trips filled with a variety and quality of activities and experiences limited only by your time and imagination. Mountain-biking, horse-riding, ski and snowboarding, golf, fishing, hiking, rafting, and sightseeing are just the start…for more, visit any of the Rocky Mountain States’ tourism websites and be inspired!

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